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In addition to concerts, True Blue is available for fairs, weddings, wine tastings,  parties, schools and conventions. 

We may be reached at:

True Blue
P.O. Box 2452
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 845-7310 or

When planning your event, remember that the stage area needs to be sheltered from sun and precipitation at all times while the band is playing.

True Blue can supply an excellent sound system for local performances.  We can also perform without any sound reinforcement where appropriate.


Technical Requirements

True Blue needs 3 or 4 microphones:

1. One professional quality, large diaphragm condenser microphone center stage on a boom stand to be shared by all four band members.   Examples of acceptable choices:

Neumann TLM103
AudioTechnica 4033 or better

If you do not have access to a microphone of this type,  advance arrangements may be made with True Blue to provide one.  The one we use does require phantom power. In addition,  the band may opt to apply pre-amplification and equalization to the signal before it is sent to the board.

2. An additional 2 microphones on boom stands are needed for the mandolin and fiddle.  Condenser mics is preferred, but any microphone of comparable quality to a Shure 57 or 58 is fine.  

3. Generally, True Blue travels with an upright semi-acoustic bass (Eminence) and an amplifier.   Signal from the amp will be provided to the board, so a DI or XLR cord will be necessary.  If an acoustic bass is used, all that is needed is an additional microphone and clip without a stand.

Monitors are not necessary, and should be turned off unless requested during the sound check.

All sound effects, such as reverb, should be off at all times.

A technical rider with a graphical stage plot is available in .pdf format.



Here are some resources to help you produce a True Blue concert:

Publicity Material


To download any of the photos in .jpg format, you need only to double-click on the ones you want to the right of their descriptions.  The photo will then open in your browser, and you can "Save as" to a location on your computer's hard drive.  Be aware that whenever you view a photo in a browser, it always displays at 72ppi, which makes it look huge.  When it is opened in Photoshop or another photo editing software program, it will display the correct dimensions. Raw Photoshop (5.5) files in .psd or .eps format are also available by request.


These two photos are already formatted to fit two newspaper columns (3.75 width). They are lower resolution (300ppi) so that they may be easily screened for newsprint. 

3.75x2.7 black & white (1125x804 pixels) (215k)

3.75x2.7 color (1125x804 pixels) (303k)


Biographical Information

Biographical information with color pictures

Bio sheet in PDF format


Pre-printed, full-color 11x17 posters are available by request.



Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

HTML file, complete with hyperlinks to various portions of True Blue's website.  Save it to your local drive, and add your show information at the top in FrontPage or another editor.  Then,  embed it in a emails using Outlook or Outlook Express. On the compose message screen, click in the message area, and go to  Insert: Text as file.  Change the file format to .html, and locate the EPK (True_Blue_Press_Kit.html) on your local drive .

Sample Press Release

Sample Press Release in Microsoft Word format



If what you are looking for does not appear on this page, you always phone us at (510) 845-7310, or for the specific thing you need.  Thank you.

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