"Years Gone By"

What Critics are Saying:


Liner notes by Laurie Lewis:

"When I heard True Blue for the first time, I realized that Iíve spent half my life waiting for Del Williams to step to center stage. Heís taken his own sweet time, but here, at last, he is. And joining him in the spotlight are three companions who share a remarkable similarity of vision and possess the wherewithal to make us see it, too. Ed , Avram, Allison and Del approach their music with a passion and love that canít help but sway the heart of the listener."  

"This is fine straight-ahead pulverizing bluegrass sung by the real deal backed up by some of the best musicians in the genre."

            Dave Higgs, 'Bluegrass Breakdown' , WPLN-FM, Nashville 


"Wow! That's great stuff...I'm going to wear it out on my radio show.  I promise.."  

Wayne Erbsen, WCQS-FM  Ashville

"We just wanted to compliment you on the CD we received from you. We were very pleased that it was #1 traditional, #2 great pickin' & singin', & #3 recorded & mixed very well! Being a banjo picker myself, I'll have to say Avram is one fine picker! It's very, very seldom that we receive this quality a project on an independent label." 

Lonnie & Charlene Hoppers
'Bluegrass Express'  KYOO  99.1 FM,  1200 AM Bolivar, Mo.
KUNQ  99.3 FM,   1250 AM    Houston, Mo.

"It's an inspiration and done just so right. ... We will play you a lot because it's GOOD."

Doug Ritchie, CJSR-FM  Edmonton, AB

"I predict this will put you right to the front of the California bluegrass scene & for good reason. Traditional bluegrass just doesn't get any better than this."

Kevin Russell, KRCB-FM  Sonoma County, CA

"What a very great experience hearing them for the first time. Right away, I was taken with the strong traditional approach, but yet modern feel...Even the "new" songs sound as if they are of old."

Dave Mansky, WERU-FM, East Orland, Maine

"It is terrific!"    Steven Daugherty, WUWG-FM, Carrollton GA

 " 'A' for Awesome!!!"  

Kevin Lynch, WWUH-FM. W. Hartford, CT

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